About Us


AluHouse is the world's leading building technology company specializing in the development , design , manufacture , sales and application of aluminum modular integrated construction (MIC) system and mobile house. The patented ALU system, an innovative building technology with the fusion and innovation of aluminum alloy materials and architecture, has created a new era into building industry. We are able to provide competitive and secure modular building system and modular home products, services and solutions to our clients.

Founded in 2012 with a headquartered in Hong Kong, AluHouse had also found an Industrial base in Guangdong China, covering an area around 6.5km², providing a one-stop supply chain from aluminum extrusion to modular house prefabrication .We have established a R&D laboratory at Hongkong Poly Technic University and Guangdong Academy of Building research Group.


Dosooz in the official representative and distributor of the ALPOD for North America and Europe.  We are located in Palm Desert, California with affiliates and support infrastructure throughout the US and Europe


Aluhouse and Dosooz have partnered together to bring the ALPOD to the US and European market.